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Never thought you could be in two places at once? Now, with the help of CASE SiteWatch™, you can be in the driver's seat from any chair. CASE SiteWatch™ is a telematics solution that gathers critical information about machine performance and location and make that data available for you.

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We understand how difficult it can be to keep your fleet productive and running smoothly on multiple job sites. Case SiteWatch™ provides vital information regarding your entire fleet delivered to any computer, anytime and anywhere.

Case SiteWatch™ helps make fleet management easier, more productive, more reliable, and more profitable. SiteWatch™ helps to make fleet management easier, providing measurable and actionable information. The new innovative solution is more productive and profitable, helping you to build a stronger business.

Why CASE SiteWatch™?

Nothing else quite measures up to the benefits of SiteWatch™:

Increased Production

System capabilities allow you to see which machines are being put to use, and which ones are not. Knowing this information helps you address concerns, making an immediate improvement on costs of fuel, maintenance and ownership.

Simplified Maintenance

Scheduled automatic service alerts can be customized at any interval to help streamline scheduled maintenance. Machines that are serviced on a more consistent basis result in healthier and more productive fleets with maximum uptime.

Reliable Security

Protect your fleet with security features such as machine curfew, geo fencing and motion detection. The system will send to your computer specific alert messages. If your mobile phone has SMS-forwarding function you can receive the same alert on your cellular phone.

Accurate Job Costing

Detailed and precise machine run time information is provided daily with office software integration, eliminating any need for human data entry.

SiteWatch™ Features

SiteWatch™ saves you money:

  • Less mileage and phone calls to locate a machine
  • Can identify and reduce excessive idling, to save money on fuel
  • Make working hours productive hours on your machines
  • Can help with theft recovery and prevention
  • Better scheduling for timely maintenance and lower repair costs
  • Automatic alerts to identify problems before they cause failures
  • Helps reduce planned and unplanned downtime
  • Can lower insurance premiums

SiteWatch™ saves you time:

  • Know the location and status of every machine in your fleet at a glance
  • No need to call operators to collect machine hours
  • Faster, more accurate job costing and tracking
  • Complete diagnostics and preparation before visiting your machine
  • Preprogrammed reports that help you quickly analyze where you can gain more efficiencies
  • Use trends to understand operation characteristics for machines and operators

Using CASE SiteWatch™

CASE SiteWatch™ delivers more comprehensive CASE machine data than any other telematics solution. SiteWatch™ combines 3 key components; hardware, software and dealer support.


The on-board modem can collect and store operational data including location, productivity, fuel efficiency, maintenance needs, operating health parameters, and even motion detection. SiteWatch™ hardware delivers 12 parameters for each machine, including standard J1939 data. 8 of these parameters are customizable from a selection of around 40 on each machine, making CASE SiteWatch™ data more applicable and valuable to your specific needs.


2 levels of SiteWatch™ subscription are available: BASIC and ADVANCED. The SiteWatch™ server collects, compiles and stores 18 months of data, allowing you to analyze trends. You can maintain even more by downloading and saving the data in a spreadsheet.

Basic Subscription Plan

  • Fleet Management allows you to locate machines and provide machine hour reporting
  • Planned Maintenance helps you keep on top of scheduled maintenance intervals
  • Security allows you to set a geo fence for each jobsite and a machine curfew
  • Utilization Analysis & Reporting provides machine idle time, travel time and general utilization

Advanced Subscription Plan

  • Performances Analysis allows you to easily load engine data and identify operation trends
  • Fuel Information & Reporting provides fuel consumption data and allows you to track fuel use
  • Machine Health Parameters delivers accurate temperatures, pressures, CAN-bus data, and alerts for out-of-range parameters

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