Kaeser M17 Compressor

Model: Kaeser M17 Compressor
Free Air Delivery: 1.6
Engine: Honda GX630
Operational Weight: 204kg
Air Outlet: 1xG1/2

The Kaeser M17 Compressor is exceptionally compact and lightweight, yet still able to produce 1.6m³ of quality compressed air per minute (at 7 bar). Moreover, in order to cover as wide a range of needs as possible, the Kaeser M17 is offered as a standard petrol version, or as an electric version.

The Kaeser M17 offers incredible versatility for a wide range of applications. They deliver the energy required to power breakers, air spades, pneumatic drills, saws, wrenches, grinders, impact borers and pipe inspection robots. The 15 bar version is the ideal choice for trencheless laying of glass fibre cables or for leakage tests.

The quality of the Kaeser M17 portable compressor is apparent by their user-friendly design. This is achieved by:

  • an easy to read control panel with pressure gauge, operating hours counter and airend temperature monitoring.
  • straightforward key start-up and dependable cold start with choke and electrical starter for petrol engine models.
  • single switch actuation with star-delta start to prevent start-up current surge with electrical compressor version. Motor rotation direction monitoring and convenient pole-changing switch (for inadvertent incorrect poling when connecting the compressor to the mains electrical supply)

The Kaeser M17 Compressor can be operated with an external compressed air after-cooler to ensure cool, condensate-free compressed air. Units can be delivered ready prepared ex works with:

  • 12V electrical connection for aftercooler fan
  • Connection for return of separated condensate (with the petrol version it is evaporated via hot exhaust gases; with the electric version condensate is collected via an integrated tank)
  • Support frame with compressed air after-cooler. The frame (weight: 16kg) is equipped with fixed connections for compressed air, fan power supply and condensate return. All you need to do is simply connect a prepared compressor.


The compressor’s impressive performance and staying power is made possible thanks to its generously sized fuel tank and continuous delivery control, which precisely matches air delivery to meet actual demand. This further reduces the fuel consumption of these already efficient machines.


The compressor can be manually lifted via four ergonomically designed hand grips, eg. to enable loading on to a transporter.


Compact design, large pneumatic tyres, a low centre of gravity and a long, stowable towbar make manoeuvrability simple.

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