AUSA continues to consolidate in the United States at the World of Concrete trade show

From January 18 to 20, Las Vegas became the stage for the latest edition of the World of Concrete trade show, the most important event in the concrete sector in the US. During this exhibition, AUSA had a notable presence, displaying some of its outstanding dumpers and rough terrain forklifts, as well as its AUSAnow fleet manager.

“For yet another year, we have displayed our products at the concrete sector’s leading trade fair, making this the fifth consecutive show that we have attended. This highlight’s AUSA’s strong strategy in the US market, where we are continuing to grow and increase our market share thanks to the extremely hard work that we have been doing in recent years.” Ignasi Moner, CEO of AUSA US Corp., remarked that “the dumper, for example, is a relatively new product in the United States, but an increasing number of professionals are showing an interest in it and they associate it with our brand. All of the customers who have tried this type of machine can truly see the potential it has on their businesses.”

AUSA displayed five of its compact all-terrain industrial vehicle models in its exhibition space:
In the terms of dumpers, AUSA exhibited the D601APG with a 13,200 lb payload and a swing skip. Equipped with a digital screen with integrated self-diagnostics, allowing you to see all of the vehicle’s real-time information and minimize downtime. The D350AHG with a 7,700 lb payload and a swing skip, suitable for medium-sized earthmoving jobs, for both public and municipal works, and the D150AHG, a compact dumper with a 3,300 lb payload that is suitable for small spaces.

As for rough terrain forklifts, they displayed the C501H, the largest in AUSA’s range, with a 11,000 lb payload and a maximum lift of 17.88 feet, equipped with major technological advances that give it the very best all-terrain traction, providing excellent efficiency and a great return on investment. Additionally, the C150H was also displayed, the brand’s smallest model with a 3,000 lb payload and a 13.12-feet reach.

Finally, AUSA also seized the opportunity to present AUSAnow to industry professionals in the US. This new software allows real-time information to be sent about maintenance requirements, technical problems and performance issues and any unexpected movement of machines. All with the aim of ensuring that the AUSA vehicle’s owner or end customer can get the most out of it and reduce downtime by being able to anticipate any requirements.


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