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Jensen A530 Petrol Wheeled Chipper

Model: Jensen A530 Petrol Wheeled Chipper
Infeed Roller Aperture: 210x150mm
Flywheel Dimensions: 600x25mm
Flywheel Weight: 70kg
Output: 15m3/hr
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Jensen SCX70D Stump Grinder

Model: Jensen SCX70D Stump Grinder
Engine: Hatz 64hp
Cutter Wheel Diameter: 722mm
Number of Cutting Teeth: 10
Weight: 1900kg
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Jensen SCX50D Stump Grinder

Model: Jensen SCX50D Stump Grinder
Engine: Hatz 50hp
Cutter Wheel Diameter: 568mm
Number of Cutting Teeth: 8
Weight: 1800kg
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Jensen JT600 Drum Chipper

Model: Jensen JT600 Drum Chipper
Infeed Roller Aperture: 560x400mm
Feed Hopper Width: 1330mm
PTO Power Requirements: 88hp
Number of Blades: 2
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Download Jensen JT600 Drum Chipper Brochure

Jensen A141XL Wheeled Chipper

Model: Jensen A141XL Wheeled Chipper
Infeed Roller Aperture: 410x300mm
Flywheel Dimensions: 1060x40mm
Flywheel Weight: 270kg
Output: 35m3/hr
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Download Jensen A141XL Wheeled Chipper Brochure

Jensen A231 Wheeled Chipper

Model: Jensen A231 Wheeled Chipper
Infeed Roller Aperture: 310x240mm
Flywheel Dimensions: 970x35mm
Flywheel Weight: 250kg
Output: 30m3/hr
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Download Jensen A231 Wheeled Chipper Brochure


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