PTO Chipper

Jensen PTO Chippers available from Dennis Barnfield Ltd. Machinery sales in the North West for over 50 years! For all your chippers in Lancashire, Cumbria and the North West, call Dennis Barnfield Ltd on 01524 733422!

Jensen A141XL PTO Chipper

Model: Jensen A141XL PTO Chipper
Infeed Roller Aperture: 410x300mm
Flywheel Dimensions: 1060x40mm
Flywheel Weight: 270kg
Output: 35m3/hr
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Download Jensen A141XL PTO Chipper Brochure

Jensen A231 PTO Chipper

Model: Jensen A231 PTO Chipper
Infeed Roller Aperture: 310x240mm
Flywheel Dimensions: 970x35mm
Flywheel Weight: 250kg
Output: 30m3/hr
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Download Jensen A231 PTO Chipper Brochure

Jensen A328 PTO Chipper

Model: Jensen A328 PTO Chipper
Infeed Roller Aperture: 280x220mm
Flywheel Dimensions: 820x35mm
Flywheel Weight: 180kg
Output: 25m3/hr
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Download Jensen A328 PTO Chipper Brochure

Jensen A425 PTO Chipper

Model: Jensen A425 PTO Chipper
Infeed Roller Aperture: 245x200mm
Flywheel Dimensions: 730x30mm
Flywheel Weight: 150kg
Output: 20m3/hr
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Download Jensen A425 PTO Chipper Brochure

Jensen A540 PTO Chipper

Model: Jensen A540 PTO Chipper
Infeed Roller Aperture: 210x190mm
Flywheel Dimensions: 650x30mm
Flywheel Weight: 120kg
Output: 18m3/hr
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Download Jensen A540 PTO Chipper Brochure

Jensen A530XL PTO Chipper

Model: Jensen A530XL
Infeed Roller Aperture: 150mm
Flywheel Dimensions: 600x25mm
Flywheel Weight: 70kg
Output: 15m3/hr
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Download Jensen A530XL PTO Chipper Brochure


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