Case CX90D Midi Excavator

Engine: Yanmar 4TNV98CT-L2WSH
Engine Power: 5.7kW
Engine Torque: 283Nm
Oil Flow: 2x 74l/min
Weight: 8490kg
Max Reach 7560mm
Max Dig Depth 4670mm
Track Width 450mm

The all new CX90D Midi Excavator from CASE Construction!

The Case CX90D Midi Excavator benefits from it’s new Stage V Yanmar engine, that offers a huge 20% more power and a 54% increase in torque from the older C Series!

To bring the Case Midi Excavators in line with the D series Crawler Excavators, the main monitor has been changed to match. This new design features a 5% wider screen, offering a huge range of data, and now compatible with the CASE ‘Full View’ 270 degree camera system.

The new Case CX90D has had some improvements to the fuel line system. The new fuel pre-filter has a water level sensor, which now triggers a dedicated error message on the screen when the water level is too high. An additional safety filer is also used to protect the engine from dust, there is no need to flush this filter after filter replacement as it is maintenance free.

As with the C series, the Case CX90D uses the Case ‘Easy Maintenance System’ (EMS) which uses stratified bushings and plated pins on the pivot points, these hold grease longer and increase lubrication intervals. This means all pivot points apart for the bucket are at 1000 hour grease intervals!

Stage V Engine - 20% More Power!

The Case CX90D Midi Excavator benefits from a new stage v highly reliable 4-cylinder Yanmar engine. The new engine is the most powerful in it’s class, and meets the latest EU standards for engine exhaust emissions.

The new Yanmar engine makes less effort and can better support the hydraulic pump with a significant increase in torque even against high load pressure.

To meet the stage v regulations, a new regenerating after treatment system is used to collect and burn the particulate matters, preventing their release into the atmosphere. This system is self-cleaning and auto-regenerating through oxidation. All this process happens without any intervention by the operator, who will just need to work as normal. The operator is able to check the particulate matter accumulation status directly on the monitor.

Operator Experience - Comfort & Safety!

The Case CX90D uses the same cab as the larger SR Excavators, which means a front space (front glass to seat back) of 1115mm, an access space (front glass to console end) of 580mm, and a foot space (front glass to seat) of 640mm.

The cab of the Case CX90D meets ROPS and FOPS Level 1 safety standards, FOPS Level 2 as well as front stone guards are available as an option. The Case CX90D now has a remote emergency stop located on the left hand side cabin floor for ease of access from outside of the cab.

Main Reasons to Choose the Case CX90D

Green Performance

  • New Stage V Engine
  • Self cleaning DPF filter and Auto-Regen

Outstanding Comfort

  • Same cab as larger SR excavators
  • Same monitor as D Series excavators
  • Air-suspension seat with tilt and heater option
  • Oil sample port option
  • New remote emergency stop

High Productivity & Versatility

  • Outstanding controllability
  • Best in class speed
  • 5% lower fuel consumption
  • Best lifting capacity in industry

New Fuel Filter Supply Line

  • New main fuel pre filter water separator sensor
  • Additional final safety filter

Top Level Safety

  • ROPS & FOPS Level 1
  • FOPS Level 2 option
  • CASE Max View option
  • LED Lighting option
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