XWatch Rail Product Acceptance

Xwatch is pleased and proud to announce that we have been awarded ‘Product Acceptance’ by Network Rail as defined within NR/L2/RSE/100/05. The XWatch XW Series of products have been given the Product Acceptance Reference Number PA05/07159.

These products have been assessed by TUV Rheinland UK Ltd (TRUK) and we can confirm that they have completed, reviewed and assessed the following products within the XW Series:

XW1 – ‘Height Limiter’
XW2 – ‘Rated Capacity Indicator (RCI) and Height Limiter’
XW3 – ‘Slew Limiter’
XW4 – ‘Height and Slew Limiter Virtual Wall’
XW5 – ‘RCI, Height and Slew Limiter Virtual Wall’
XWtele – ‘Height Limiter’
XWfork – ‘Height Limiter’

No other supplier has Product Acceptance (PA) approval from Network Rail.


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