AUSA showcase it’s revolutionary products at Bauma

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The main attraction: DR1001AHG, the company’s new reversible dumper. AUSA improves on last year’s results at Bauma.

Bauma became the capital of the world of construction from 8 to 14 April, putting its best face forward to welcome global leading brands and the latest launches from each company. AUSA was one of the main attractions, showcasing some of the event’s most important launches: safe and efficient products, packed with technology.
“We are very satisfied with what we have achieved at Bauma this year. We had high expectations for our latest products being showcased and we have received a positive response from visitors. The new reversible dumper had a huge impact and many of our current and potential customers showed a great interest for our new range of forklifts. In addition, we have greatly improved on our results when compared to last year’s participation in Bauma, with 20% more people visiting our stand, in addition to closing important agreements to continue consolidating our market position”, stated Juan Urkijo, Sales and Marketing Manager of AUSA.

DR1001AHG: state-of-the-art dumper with reversible driving.

The main launch of the all-terrain compact industrial vehicle manufacturer was the new DR1001AHG, an innovative 10-tonne (22,000 lbs) dumper with a reversible driving position, featuring a hydrostatic transmission and a closed cab.
This new dumper became the main attraction at AUSA’s stand; many people attending the fair were drawn to its revolutionary driving position and its aggressive new lines. 
The DR1001AHG driver’s cab can handily rotate 180 degrees, providing a huge increase in visibility and proportionally increasing operator safety and that of the operator’s surroundings. Thanks to this, AUSA is positioning itself as a market segment leader in the area of safety. In addition to the rotation of the driver’s cab, the dumper is equipped with a front camera, a fully closed ROPS/FOPS cab with heating, a seat belt buckle sensor, an audible reversing alarm, two rear-view mirrors and a safety grille.
Furthermore, it uses the same electronic components introduced by the successful D601AHG, such as ECO Mode, Smart Stop, Hill Holder, a digital screen with all of the unit’s information and integration of the telematic systems, making it the most advanced compact dumper in the market.

A range of forklifts packed with technology.

Moreover, the new range of all-terrain forklifts with a 2-tonne (4,000 lbs), 2.5-tonne (5,000 lbs), 3-tonne (6,100 lbs) and 3.5-tonne (7,100 lbs) capacity was also an important and innovative new launch from the company.
With an aggressive and technologically advanced design, the new forklifts feature a digital screen on the dashboard, just like a top-of-the-line car, providing the driver with all of the machine’s information; they can interact with the different screens via the same joystick that moves the mast. Thanks to its advanced software, it features a self-diagnosis system and is able to incorporate telematic systems.
Efficiency is also one of its main strengths. Thanks to the ECO Mode system and Smart Stop, it can reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
In terms of safety, the operator’s visibility has increased by 30% and the Hill Holder system has been incorporated, which engages the brake automatically so the machine can stop easily on any slope.

Ausa D100AHA electric: a zero-emissions dumper.

AUSA presented its first prototype of an electric dumper with a driver’s cab to the sector in 2018. In this edition of BAUMA, it showcased the new features, including the optimisation of different aspects, as it presented new developments for the D100AHA, its most compact electric plug-in dumper. With a one-tonne capacity and an electric power unit delivering 15 kW (20 hp), it has enough power to handle a full working day. After the end of the working day, it can be connected directly to the mains, fully charging the unit in 4 or 8 hours, depending on the voltage. With this new development, AUSA continues to make huge progress in its electric products, showing its commitment to the future, something all users have already shown much enthusiasm for.

AUSA also showcased the most popular models from its catalogue at its stand, including the successful D601AHG dumper, the D350AHG, the T144H and T235H ultra-compact handling units, the compact C150H forklifts and the B200H suction sweeper, which equips the new Euro 6C engine, the cleanest diesel oil engine in the market.


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