Case WX168 Wheeled Excavator

Manufacturer: Case
Model: WX168
Engine : FPT
Engine Power : 141hp
Weight : 18370kg
Height 3.18m
Width 2.55m

The WX wheeled excavators are designed to deliver a maximum of productivity and precision. The case wheeled excavators use a 3 pump hydraulic system, with one pump dedicated to the slew function. This provides continuous movement and allows the operator to multi-function the controls for smooth, productive digging performance.

Case WX168 wheel excavators are equipped with Case Intelligent Swing system (CIS) allowing the operator to adjust the upper structure slew speed to suit all working site conditions.


First-class comfort

  • The inclination of the steering column is continuously adjustable to fit the operator’s best working position
  • The controls are individually adjustable to match personal preference.
  • The adjustable air suspended and heated seat combined with the ergonomic design of armrests and foot pedals provide the best possible workstation.
  • The tinted safety glass, sun blinds and transparent rain protection above the front window provide comfortable working conditions, while the automatic air conditioning maintains a comfortable in cab climate.

Easy to operate

  • The controls layout is designed to minimise fatigue, with all the travel functions and switches easily accessible and grouped on the steering column.
  • The machine’s information is easy to access and understand on the in cab monitor, so the operator can focus on the job.
  • A new engine speed and working mode selection dial makes it easy for the operator to set the machine up in any working situation.
  • The dial delivers low idle speed, two lifting modes, and three eco working modes. It also provides access to the Heavy Mode for maximum digging performance.
  • The new levelling mode can be easily activated in Eco or Heavy mode by simply pressing a switch on the right hand joystick.
  • The blade and each of the stabilizers are proportionally operated. Each of the stabilizers can be easily activated by switches.

All round Visibility

  • Large glazed surfaces, safety tinted glass, one-piece right hand side window and large roof window provide superior visibility all round.
  • Standard working lights on the boom and cab front add to the excellent visibility.
  • The standard rear view camera further enhances visibility to the rear.



  • Our WX excavators drive through a fully automatic hydrostatic power shift transmission and heavy duty axles, providing fast travel speed between working sites and excellent traction.
  • An improved orbital steering system delivers effortless and precise control.
  • A larger steering angle makes it even easier to move in confined areas.
  • With a creep speed function and high ground clearance, the machines are also capable of tackling the toughest of site conditions.
  • Excellent drawbar pull is a feature of all three machines and the axles have an auto locking feature for maximum stability when working without stabilizers.
  • Multi-disc wet brakes and axle oil change intervals of 2000 hours will reduce operating costs.

Total Stability

  • The new WX design leads to an outstanding stability even on tyres.
  • Our wheeled excavators have always boasted a robust design and sturdy build quality.
  • These new WX models are no exception, with a strong chassis providing the option of a dozer blade, dozer blade and stabilisers, or stabilisers front and rear for total balance and a stable working platform.
  • The dozer blade with parallel kinematics is made extra -robust in a curved design for best material retention.

Easy Maintenance

  • Big and wide-opening hoods provide easy access to all service points.
  • Maintenance operations are quick and easy with the grouped, easily accessible greasing points, and easy to reach filters at the rear of the machine.
  • The extended greasing intervals for the attachment (up to 500 hours) maximise uptime and lower operating costs.


Safe Attachment Operation

  • Boom cylinders feature safety valves as standard.
  • For added safety, a complete object handling kit (safety valves on dipper, loading hook, overload warning) and a heavy-duty holder for grabs are available as options.


  • The reinforced structure of the cab is ROPS and FOPS certified.
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