Yanmar C50R-5 Tracked Dumper

Model: Yanmar C50R-5
Engine: Yanmar 4TNV94CHT-NTBC
Operating Weight: 5791kg
Payload: 3800kg
Track Width: 450mm
Ground Pressure 19.8 kPa

The Yanmar C50R-5 tracked dumper is a very compact carrier for its class. It has a total width of 2.2 meters allowing this machine to transport 3800kg of loading capacity even on very small jobsites. A total length of 4.65 meters makes it easy to turn in every condition, especially with the feature that this machine can spin-turn 360 degrees.

This configuration offers the following benefits:

  • Increased efficiency of the machine.
  • Increased productivity for the operator.


Yanmar has greatly improved the most important feature of the tracked dumper: the transmission. The HST transmission integrates an anti-stall feature: automatic hydraulic pressure adjustments allow the Yanmar C50R tracked dumper to turn 360 degrees smoothly without stalling the engine. The C50R is able to spin-turn 360 degrees in as little as 7 seconds.

This feature offers the customer improved manoeuvrability, increased driver comfort and more importantly increased productivity.


The Yanmar C50R tracked dumper benefits from the most advanced technology of one of the leading manufacturers of industrial diesel engines. The TNV engine is equipped with direct injection to create clean burning power. It has fully-electronic control to provide the C50R with total intelligent engine control. The engine is also equipped with a common rail system to allow fine-tuned electronic control of fuel-injection.

Yanmar seriously re-sized the fuel tank by increasing the capacity by as much as 47.9% tot 121.3 litres. This massively improves the autonomy by the same percentage reducing the downtime due to refuelling.


Reversible Seat Console

The Yanmar C50R is equipped with a special feature, the operator seat and travel levers can turn 180 degrees, allowing the operator to be always seated in the travel direction:

  • It improves the operator comfort
  • It improves drastically the safety
  • It improves the visibility of the operator
  • It improves the productivity of the operator
  • It reduces the risk of damages

The travel levers are servo-assisted and can be operated with minimal effort. Furthermore, the long levers contribute to the high precision of operating the transmission reducing operator fatigue and increasing safety and comfort.

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