Yanmar C30R-2B Tracked Dumper

Model: Yanmar C30R-2B
Engine: 3TNV88-BSFW
Operating Weight: 2365kg
Payload: 2500kg
Track Width: 320mm
Ground Pressure 0.27kg/cm2

The Yanmar C30R-2B is ideal for use on all type of grounds and offers versatility and productivity. Combining long experience and unrivalled expertise, Yanmar’s technology ensures environmental performance and high efficiency.

Combining long experience and unrivalled expertise, the Yanmar C30R-2B tracked dumper ensures environmental performance and high efficiency. Equipped with tracks and characterised by very low ground pressure, they are particularly suitable for working on soft, uneven or sensitive land.

The Yanmar tracked dumper is equipped with a rear dumper skip, and benefits from a heavy duty undercarriage, highly reduced ground pressure and hydrostatic transmission.


Design Principles

  • Total width reduced to 1665mm to fit through openings of 1000mm. New gate lever design integrated within the width of the machine.
  • Length of only 3200mm.
  • Low centre of gravity for higher stability.
  • Machine can travel on slopes of up to 30 degrees.


  • High vessel capacity for a very compact machine (1.24m heaped): reduction of the number of round trips on construction sites.
  • Ample dumping angle (58 degrees on sides – 56 degrees for the rear): enhanced safety when dumping due to single side discharge.
  • Robust vessel with removable gates.
  • High ground clearance (415mm) while dumping.


Yanmar ‘TNV’ (Totally New Value) Engine

  • Improvement and modernisation of TNE series, which is already well-known for its ‘clean and quiet’ profile.
  • Reduced emissions for an even cleaner engine.
  • Noise reduction for an even quitter engine.
  • Improved starting (warms up faster).
  • The 3TNV88-BSFW engine exceeds the most stringent emissions standards.

HST Transmission

  • Speed change just be pressing the pedal.
  • Smooth and fluid acceleration and deceleration.

Efficiency on all types of terrain

  • Performance on soft and swampy areas.
  • Lower ground pressure due to rubber crawlers and excellent weight distribution. Limited ground damage: the C30R-2B is an alternative to wheeled loaders.
  • Rubber crawlers do not damage the asphalt and offer an excellent adhesion on soft grounds.
  • Undercarriage equipped with tack rollers with pendular supports to compensate for different ground levels.


Access to operating position on both sides of the machine. The reversible seat raises work efficiency on narrow jobsites.

  • The operator’s seat turns 180 degrees.
  • The machine is always moving forward for the operator.
  • Safer work environment even on mountain paths or other restricted worksites where it is hard to turn the machine.
  • No need to turn the machine to exit the jobsite: reduced damages to environmentally sensitive areas.
  • The only travel lever is very easy to use with a single hand.
  • Safe and ergonomic pilot system: delicate control and long hours of operation easier.


  • Seat with retractable seatbelt.
  • The reversible seat enhances the security of the operator.
  • The canopy conforms the ROPS (Roll Over Protective Structure) and FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure) norms.
  • Wet multiple disk brakes: reliability and durability.
  • Safety system on dumping lever: locks the vessel during travel.


Optimum Accessibility

  • Large engine hood opening, allowing optimum access to the main engine components.
  • The daily control points (water, engine oil, filters, fan belt…) are positioned to facilitate the maintenance operations.

Robustness of the undercarriage

  • Long undercarriage for better stability.
  • Excellent weight distribution by 5 reinforced track rollers (for each side).

Vessel designed for heavy work

  • The design of the whole structure allows the use of the machine under extreme conditions and increases the machine life.
  • Robust gate levers.
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