X Watch XWTele & XWFork – Height Indication & Control

Make: XWatch
Model: XWFork & XWTele
Restriction: Height Limitation & Control

The XWTele & XWFork are part of a suite of safety products from X Watch that have been designed to couple clarity and simplicity with accuracy and reliability while complying with all the current industry standards. XWTele for industrial and rough terrain forklift trucks. Height limitation is controlled using outputs for boom up and tele extend on telehandlers, or forks up on fork lift trucks.

  • Operation is fail safe and fully automatic with function selection never more than two presses away.
  • On/Off is selected with a single button push and can be protected with an optional access key switch.
  • A chassis sensor can be installed to correct for terrain slope and warn of maximum chassis angle.
  • A system active beacon is available to indicate that height limitation is in use.
  • A height limit can be either manually keyed in or set automatically by positioning the machine equipment at the required height. Set up is simple, quick, and can be protected with an optional access key. All settings are retained and will be active on start-up.


Options Include:

  • Access Key Switch (Prevents / allows setting changes)
  • Beacon (Height limit active indication)
  • Platform Sensor (Monitors chassis pitch and roll angles)
  • Data Logger (CAN bus mounted event recorder with SD card)
  • Extension Sensor (Standard 3m. Optional 5m & 10m)
  • 12VDC Valve Coils (No cost option for smaller machines)

IO Controller

Solid state, fully potted IP67, mounted in pump or engine bay. 4 x analogue inputs. 8 x digital inputs. 12 x output. All with full electrical protection and diagnostics, 2 x CAN bus. 11 – 30VDC. Manual key override for motion control valves. <10mS program cycle time for accurate response.


Solid state, IP65, RAM mount to window or dash. 4.3” or 2.8” backlit colour LCD. 7 x backlit, tactile keys. 1 x CAN bus. 11 – 30VDC.

Angle Sensors

Compact solid state 3 axis accelerometer with gyro compensation. Stainless steel, IP67. CAN J1939. Steel mounting bracket. Can be mounted anywhere on the front end equipment in any orientation. Direct drive performance. Up to three articulations can be monitored with the addition of chassis attitude.

Extension Sensors

ABS Construction. Magnetic absolute encoder. IP67/69. CAN J1939. Anti-snag breakaway. Sub-millimeter resolution.

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