Prolec PME400

Prolec is a market leader with 30 years of experience supplying machine productivity and safety systems to the construction equipment industry. Prolec’s success stems from innovative applications of sensor technology, application software, system integration and plant instrumentation. In more recent years Prolec have looked to redefine the market with their revolutionary Prolec Machine Engine (PME).

Prolec PME400 packages a range of functions in one product providing a cost-effective, pre-configured solution for customers needing envelope (both height and slew) protection.

The Prolec PME400 is a machine envelope monitor designed to limit movement on both vertical plane (height, depth, cab protection) plus the horizontal plane (slew and radius limits) simultaneously. his system checks the machine’s movement relative to a pre-determined ‘safe’ zone and warns of and/or controls the machine’s movement when approaching any limit set. The system uses Prolec’s proprietary ‘engine’ so is independent of machine type allowing any slewing and articulating machinery to be monitored including fixed installations (e.g. deck cranes). The system will also provide full logging of operation and driver behaviour for later retrieval and play back and stores up to a year’s worth of data. When combined with suitable hydraulic controls the system will lock out movement into predefined unsafe situations.

Like all Prolec PME products, the PME400 can be upgraded to use other functions simply and quickly through software changes to provide control on lifting, stability, machine envelope and cab protection.


Height, Envelope Monitoring, Slew & Stability


Machine Envelope Monitoring


Excavators, Truck-Mounted Cranes, Mobile Cranes, Special Purpose Machines


  • Fits any lifting equipment with virtually no hardware change
  • Easily upgraded to include load moment or guidance functions
  • Fully compliant to relevant codes
  • Options to monitor cab and depth as well as reach and slew
  • Compatible with OEM design requirements for envelope monitoring
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