Prolec Digmaster Pro

Prolec is a market leader with 30 years of experience supplying machine productivity and safety systems to the construction equipment industry. Prolec’s success stems from innovative applications of sensor technology, application software, system integration and plant instrumentation. In more recent years Prolec have looked to redefine the market with their revolutionary Prolec Machine Engine (PME).

Prolec Digmaster Pro is the premier civil machine guidance product from Prolec, and is considered the industry standard for clarity, responsiveness and quality of features.

Digmaster Pro is a flexible product for excavator machine guidance allowing operators to choose between working in 3D or 2D according to need. Compared with similar systems Digmaster Pro has superior functionaility and display so the operator is better able to utilise the system’s capabilities throughout the working range. With extensive configurability and options the display can be tailored to show exactly what is required at any point in the excavating cycle. Import of files is simplified through the use of Prolec’s unique “Pro Job” software allowing multiple file formats to be easily converted to the most efficient terrain map and then similarly exported on the completion of the job. The program will run almost any positioning (GNSS) system so you are guaranteed hassle free set up and wide applicability regardless of the positioning solution on site.

The upgrading of any existing PME system is as simple as adding another “app” to your phone and installation is just as simple. If using with an existing PME system the calibration will be carried over from your current installation saving even more time.

Like all Prolec PME products, the PME700 can be upgraded to use other functions and quickly through software changes to provide control on lifting, stability, machine envelope and cab protection.


  • 2D Digging
  • 3D Digging


  • General Earthworks
  • Road Construction


  • Excavators
  • Backhoe Loaders
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