Komac TOR13S Hydraulic Breaker

Model: Komac TOR13S
Selection of Machine: 9 - 16 ton
Operating Weight: 950kg
Impact Rate: 500 - 950bpm
Impact Energy: 2599 joules
Chisel Diameter 102mm

The Komac TOR13S hydraulic breaker is ideal to suit a 13t excavator. Unlike the KB Series, the TOR Series of hydraulic breakers have a blank firing protection system control valve, making sure that the excavator hammer is not damaged by improper use. The TOR Series also benefit from having a built-in auto-greasing system enhancing the durability of the breaker. As well as a nonstop pin type in order to prevent tool pin damage, these breakers also have a swivel valve application in order to prevent damage to the hydraulic hoses.

With it’s compact design, the Komac TOR13S hydraulic breaker is ideally suited to working in small building sites, tight trenches and hard to reach demolition jobs.

It’s simple and efficient design allows the tool bushing to be replaced, and with convenient service points the Komac hydraulic breaker is easily maintained.


Back Head – Oil connection and gas valve installed in the back head

Valve System – Easy access to the external control valve

Accumulator – The accumulator is composed of a rubber film, compressed by the nitrogen gas in the upper part, and is connected with the cylinder at the blow part

Cylinder – The minimum hydraulic system enables the breaker to maximise efficiency for reciprocation of the piston where high and low tension circulates

Piston – The piston is installed in the cylinder, which converts the oil pressure into the impact power to break rocks

Through Bolt – The 4 units of the bolts firmly fix the important components onto the breaker

Front Head – The front head supports the breaker and assembly with the bush, buffering shocks from the chisel

Chisel – The heat-treated tools for breaking rocks (moil point, chisel, blunt etc)


With every Komac breaker sold you will receive the following…

  • Mounting Bracket (To Suit Any Manufacturer’s Machine)
  • Spring Guarded Hydraulic Hoses
  • Re-Gassing Kit (All Tools, Gauges & Bottles Required)
  • Tool Box (All tools required for servicing)
  • x1 Chisel / Moil Point


Since forming in 1997 Komac have transformed from an unknown entity to a global brand who boast a dealer network of over 80 companies. Adopting a strict Quality Assurance System has led to Komac gaining a list of accreditations, ranging from ISO certifications, CE marks and TUV marks.

In conjunction with Dennis Barnfield Ltd, Komac are now entering the UK market, finally providing a reliable hydraulic breaker at a reasonable cost.

Komac boast one of the best power to weight ratios in the hydraulic breaker market. A combination of high quality materials and unsurpassed production processes result in a hammer body with less weight yet high level performance. With high quality materials comes a highly reliable hydraulic breaker, leading to each part having a longer lifespan and ultimately reducing downtime.

Being able to adjust the blow speed means that the hydraulic breaker can be run far more efficiently, not having to over work the breaker will positively impact the machines fuel consumption. The flow of oil can also be adjusted meaning Komac breakers will be able to fit a wide range of machines.

Komac represent a well manufactured, reliable breaker that has one of the lowest lifetime costs. Over long periods the reduced downtime coupled with fewer parts to replace result in one of the lowest cost per year breakers on the market.

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