Jensen A328 Wheeled Chipper

Model: Jensen A328 Wheeled Chipper
Infeed Roller Aperture: 280x220m
Flywheel Dimensions: 820x35mm
Flywheel Weight: 180kg
Output: 25m3/hr
Weight 1800kg

The Jensen A328 wheeled chipper can chip up to 9″ in diameter, and is powered by a highly reliable Kubota engine. With it’s high level of user friendliness, ease of maintenance and high performance, the Jensen A328 wood chipper is a favourite amongst our customers.

With its 180kg heavy chipping disc and its 330mm wide blades, the Jensen A328 guarantees a high chipping performance. It’s solid feed rollers handle bush and stem wood up to 220mm in diameter with ease. If you require a high powered machine for grinding large quantities of wood, the A328 is the right choice for you!

The Jensen A328 wheeled chipper is available with a turntable on a single or twin axle chassis. With the mobility of the 270º turntable, the A328 is an asset for anyone who relies on processing large volumes of chip material on busy streets quickly.

The machine can be loaded from any side, so that the safety of operators is always taken into consideration.

The Jensen A328 wood chipper convinces with its serviceability, with just a few quick and easy steps, maintenance is easily executed.

As with the whole range of Jensen chippers the A328 can be modified to suit your exact working environment. Each towable chipper can be customised with the following:

  • Bio Oil
  • Custom Paint Colour
  • Height Adjustable Drawbar
  • Electronically Controlled Infeed System
  • Mechanical Folding Chute
  • Towing Eye
  • Ball Hitch
  • Light Guards


According to your needs, you can choose between a fixed or a compact, fold down feed hopper.

Both come equipped with a safety bar. Depending on the infeed control, it is used as a control bar or as an emergency stop bar.


Jensen offer two options for the feed control. The manual hydraulic system to remove electrics completely or an illuminated touch pad rated feed controls to remove any possibility of water and vibration issues related to electronics.

This option offers maximum safety and is very user friendly.


Designed to grip and take away the most awkward material. Twin horizontal feed rollers are timed through a precision gearbox which allows the rollers to lock together for maximum grip on small brashy material as well as large timber.

The conventional chipper has a motor powering each feed roller, the Jensen has one motor which means the power to each roller is consistently strong whatever the material.


All Jensen machines can be delivered with an auto overload regulator. This electric device monitors the speed of the flywheel preventing the timer from feeding on to the flywheel when the flywheel rotations fall below a preset level. This allows the engine and flywheel to build up speed again before the rollers are re engaged to continue the chipping process.


The flywheel is the heart of every wood chipper. Two blades which cut the full width of the timber mounted on a large flywheel with open tops, means there is nothing to hinder the chip leaving the flywheel.

Four full width draught fins pick up the material and throw it out of the chamber rather than relying on air to blow the chip. This means clearing green, wet material is simply not a problem, and blockages are virtually unheard of.

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