Jensen SCX70D Stump Grinder

Model: Jensen SCX70D Stump Grinder
Engine: Hatz 64hp
Cutter Wheel Diameter: 722mm
Number of Cutting Teeth: 10
Weight: 1900kg

With it’s robust and compact design, the Jensen SCX70D stump grinder is a fully hydraulic machine sporting hydraulically adjustable tracks, and is completely remote controlled.

The cutting area of the Jensen SCX70D stump grinder is approximately 300mm over and 580mm under the planum. With a swing arc of 1650mm the cutter wheels have the capacity to process large root stocks.

The unique multi tip cutter wheel system allows the Jensen root stump grinder to achieve optimum cutting depth with even force distribution and guarantees simple and easy maintenance.


The combination of more cutting tips on a wheel whilst maintaining a good distance between the teeth, packs a punch that is unmatched by any other system.


A single bolt holds the tooth in place. This is undone and tightened with a simple hex key.


The tooth takes nearly all the wear because all the other components are protected.


Forces are transferred directly into the wheel with very little bending or shearing action on any components.


Teeth can only be fitted one way, there is no special adjustment necessary. Ensuring perfect setup every time.

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