Case 521F Wheel Loader

Manufacturer: Case
Model : 521F Wheel Loader
Engine : FPT
Engine Power : 142hp
Bucket Size : 2.1m3
Operating Weight 10448kg
Tipping Load 8150kg

The Case 521F  Wheel Loader is a Tier 4 final loading shovel powered by a 4.5l  FPT engine. Oscillating rear axle provides outstanding stability and with auto-ride control a comfortable the ride is a comfortable one.

The Case 521F is a highly versatile machine which can be used in a range of different applications. Asphalt planning, snow blowing, brooming and compacting are easily achievable. 1 or 2 additional hydraulic circuits are available, creep speed gives you constant maximum hydraulic flow even at low speeds.


A safe investment for the toughest jobs

For the toughest jobs, reliability comes with perfect control of the oil temperature in the axles

  • For soft soil where higher grip control and higher resistance are needed
  • Effective grip control with the differential lock on the front axle, it can be activated automatically or manually controlled with the left foot.
  • No overheating because the differential lock does not slip
  • Higher resistance with heavy duty front and rear axles.

For a limited investment, standard axles with limited slip differential are also available and proven to be reliable.

For even more reliability, we have invented the COOLING BOX that keeps the cooling fluids temperature constant.

Less maintenance, Lower costs

  • Lower costs because SCR uses fewer components : No particulate filter, No extra fans for additional cooling, No specific oil needed.
  • Longer maintenance intervals: because the engine oil is not contaminated with unfiltered air.
  • No break down: SCR offers the highest fuel compatibility.

Premium engine technology: SCR

SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) is a well-proven reliable solution.

Having been in Europe since 2004 on trucks, the AD Blue DEF can easily be found almost anywhere.

  • More productivity with 10% fuel savings because SCR allows optimized combustion temperature.
  • No loss of power and fuel because no extra fuel is needed.
  • Cost savings, as SCR engines can be used with ‘Red’ fuel.


Access fit for a King

Getting in the cab is easy; Wide steps and the handle make you feel safe, while the wide door provides unobstructed access.

Outstanding visibility

You’ll feel more confident and work faster with the great all round visibility. The curved rear hood shape is very low because the SCR technology doesn’t require additional fans for cooling.

All controls at your fingertips

Greater focus on the job and less stress with fewer arm moves thanks to the ergonomic positioning of the control panel under your right hand.

Feel confident with ROPS

All our wheel loaders cabs are reinforced and guarantee the operator protection against roll over (ROPS certified)

Great storage space

The overhead radio placement and the storage make the Case cab even more convenient for you.


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