Case 1021F Wheel Loader

Manufacturer: Case
Model : 1021F Wheel Loader
Engine : FPT
Engine Power : 320hp
Bucket Size : 4.4m3
Operating Weight 24600kg
Tipping Load 15682kg

The Case 1021F  Wheel Loader is a Tier 4 final loading shovel powered by a 8.7l  FPT engine. Oscillating rear axle provides outstanding stability and with auto-ride control a comfortable the ride is a comfortable one.

The Case 1021F is a highly versatile machine which can be used in a range of different applications. Asphalt planning, snow blowing, brooming and compacting are easily achievable. 1 or 2 additional hydraulic circuits are available, creep speed gives you constant maximum hydraulic flow even at low speeds.



New Generation Engine:

  • The second generation common rail engine Cursor 9 delivers top performance in load response, max torque, power and fuel economy.
  • The combustion is optimized for maximum efficiency, at high temperatures using 100% fresh, cool air, as the air intake is separated from the exhaust.
  • The turbo charged engine with air-to-air intercooler relies on a 3 step injection technology to maximize responsiveness and fuel efficiency with reduced engine noise and vibrations.
  • 4 working modes (max, economy, normal and auto)allow you to maximise productivity of fuel efficiency according to your needs.
  • Case “SCR only” is an after treatment solution that allows the engine to breathe only fresh air and do what it does best – generate power.
  • SCR naturally acts as anti – spark system because Ad Blue, which is made of water and urea, is sprayed in the exhaust. In addition the temperature generated by SCR is very low compared to other Tier 4 interim technologies resulting in further more reduced risk of fire ignition.
  • More than 10% lower fuel consumption – The high combustion temperature results in optimum engine performance. The second generation common rail engine ensures better engine control at all rpm. The multiple injection technology delivers optimum combustion control.
  • Outstanding flat torque – 100% fresh air input further improves engine output. While the 1600 bar injection delivers best in class torque performance.


Cooled and heavy duty axles -The heavy-duty axles are tougher, bigger and easier to service thanks to the 3- piece housing design. More over the internal oil temperature is kept constant by the optional oil cooling, resulting in even more reliability.

Open differentials front and rear – with open differentials, no friction is applied to reduce wheel slip, resulting in less wear and lower energy losses.

Front differential with 100% Auto-lock – 100% of the available torque goes to the wheel with adherence a big step up from the 75% of a limited slip differential! There is no slippage between the wheels and no friction in the differential. The Auto-lock is activated automatically when a front wheel is about to slip, or you can easily do it with your left foot. For a reduced initial investment, the axles are also available with both open differentials without locking. In that configuration the front axle is heavy duty and the rear axle is standard.

More Productivity  100% of available torque is transmitted to the wheels, delivering optimum pushing power. This means that up to 40% more pushing power is transmitted to the wheel than it would be with a limited slip differential.

Greater return on investment -20-30%lower tyre wear because of no slippage between the wheels, fuel consumption is lower because there is no friction.

Always reliable – The heavy duty axles are designed to be used in very demanding conditions, with both solid or water filled tyres, as preferred by different operators. Together with open differentials, they result in superior reliability in all applications.


Case Cooling Cube

The unique design of the Case cooling cube, with five radiators mounted to forma cube instead of overlapping, ensures a constant flow of fresh and clean air from the sides and the top, to maintain constant fluid temperatures. The cube structure provides easy access to radiators for a more effective cleaning and serviceability: additional cleaning can also be easily done manually, with separate access to each radiator.

  • One-piece electric hood – The easy to open hood ensures fast access to the service points. Jumper cables are available as standard for jump starting the engine if the battery is low.
  • Ground level maintenance design – All service points and radiators are easily accessible at ground level. You can do a fast visual check of the hydraulic and transmission oil levels. The tree drains are grouped together on the left side, below the hood and battery switches, so that fluids are easy and quick to replace.
  • Less Maintenance, More uptime – You can maximise the working with these wheel loaders, with the long service intervals of 1500 hours for the transmission oil and filter, the axle oil and filter and the coolant.
  • Greater Safety– All of the main service points are easily accessible from the ground, so you can carry out your daily maintenance safely and efficiently.


Well Protected Cab

  • Our reinforced cab guarantees protection against roll over (ROPS) and falling objects (FOPS)
  • The air suspended seat features a high back design and lumbar adjustment, a saving grace during long working days.

High Visibility

Wide glazed surfaces and curved engine hood – You’ll feel more confident and work faster with the great all-round visibility provided by the very low shape of the curved rear hood and the ample glazed surfaces.

Low Engine Vibrations

  • Engine noise and vibrations are reduced by the 3-step injection: pre, main and post injection. To further increase the operator comfort the rear mounted engine is distant from the cab.

Great temperature control – 17 air vents ensure your comfort and prevent the windshields from steaming up.

Hydraulic functions that add to your comfort – To maximise your focus on the job and reduce your stress levels, you can activate the following functions from the ergonomically positioned control panel under your right hand:

  • Auto – shift: ensures the machine always operates in the most suitable gear according to speed, kick down and engine braking
  • Reverse button on the joystick: activates front, neutral or reverse
  • Return to dig:brings back the bucket in the right position for loading again
  • Return to travel: lowers the boom to carry position, which can be adjusted
  • Auto – lift: lifts the boom to max height, you have set
  • Auto – Ride Control:reduces loader arm bounce during travel, maintaining maximum material retention. It activates from 8km/h
  • Auto-diff lock: the 100% differential lock can be activated manually with your foot or automatically for greater focus on the job
  • Auxiliary circuit lever: For hydraulic attachments such as high tip bucket, you can order the optional auxiliary circuit controlled by lever next to the joystick for your ease of use.


18% more thrust with the new torque converter and axles – The new torque converter of the 1021F is bigger, and transfers more power to the transmission. When the ground is slippery, the second gear is more appreciated than the pushy first gear. With 18% increased thrust, loading in second gear is faster.

Flat bottom bucket with 51° roll back angle – The new bucket flat bottom bucket shape has a shorter bottom in order to increase up to 244 kN  the breakout force of the machine. The flat bottom makes grading jobs easier and it increases the retention of the material. The new loader design with 51 degree roll back increases the bucket filling by about 10%. It also improves significantly the material retention in carry phases.

The new hydraulic pump provides more lifting force, so that the lifting of the arm and the cycle time of the loader is shorter.




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