Case 1150M Crawler Dozer

Manufacturer: Case
Model: Case 1150M Crawler Dozer
Engine : FPT
Engine Power : 138hp

The Case 1150M Crawler Dozer is a highly reliable and efficient machine, which is the only dozer on the market with SCR, providing exceptional efficiency.


The state of the art common rail engine on the 1150M dozer delivers top performance in load response, max torque, power and fuel economy.

The combustion is optimised for maximum efficiency: it occurs at high temperatures and uses 100% fresh, cool air, as the air intake is separated from the exhaust. The turbocharged engine with Air-to-air intercooler relies on well proven multi injection technology to maximise torque back up and fuel efficiency with reduced engine noise and vibrations.

With SCR the engine runs with optimised efficiency. The Case 1150M engine can run with 20% biodiesel, reducing even further its environmental impact. When the tractive effort grows and the rpm tends to drop, the engine power rises by up to 16% to 1800 rpm. The result: constant performance and higher pulling capacity. In addition, the ability to work with high torque at lower engine rpm reduces engine wear.



The entirely re-engineered transmission offers best-in-class pulling capacity combined with the typical manoeuvrability of the hydrostatic solution.

The triple reduction final drive on the Case 1150M dozer adds a planetary reduction to the standard double one. The hydrostatic transmission can work at a faster speed, reducing the overall pressure and consequently the effort on the single components. The two final drives are directly flanged on the main frame for better effort distribution and easy dissembling for extraordinary maintenance.


Case tracks technology supports the enormous drawbar pulling capacity of the Case 1150M crawler dozer. The exclusive rotating bushing technology of the Case Extended Life Track (CELT) can double the tracks’ life, dramatically reducing maintenance costs. In addition, the sprocket is made with 40% more material, extending the life of its teeth. When you consider the maintenance of the undercarriage represents on average 50% of a dozer maintenance costs, the Case solution brings a clear benefit for the most demanding customers.

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