Case 321F Compact Wheel Loader

Manufacturer: Case
Model: Case 321F Compact Wheel Loader
Engine: FPT
Engine Power: 74hp
Bucket Size: 1.1 / 1.2m3
Operating Weight 6535kg
Tipping Load 4600kg

The Case 321F Compact Wheel Loader is a Tier 4 final loading shovel powered by a 3.4l  FPT engine. This is completely maintenance free without any Diesel Particulate Filter or AdBlue. Oscillating rear axle provides outstanding stability and with auto-ride control a comfortable the ride is a comfortable one.

The Case 321F is a highly versatile machine which can be used in a range of different applications. Asphalt planning, snow blowing, brooming and compacting are easily achievable. 1 or 2 additional hydraulic circuits are available, creep speed gives you constant maximum hydraulic flow even at low speeds.


The Case 321F compact wheel loader features the advanced in-house engine technology developed by sister company FPT Industrial that pioneered low emissions, high efficiency solutions for on and off road applications. FPT brings reliability, high performance and low operating costs; proven technologies from a global engine manufacturer that produces as many as 600,000 engines a year!

The 3.4 litre 4 cylinder engine used in the 321F compact wheel loader is Tier 4 final using maintenance free technology. This means no DPF or AdBlue.


The Case 321F compact wheel loader uses the combination of the articulated joint and the rear oscillating axle to reduce maximum cab oscillation by 50% or more. An inch and brake pedal progressively disengages the transmission during the decelerating phase and progressively engages the brakes. The superior hinge pin height on the Case 321F and the Case ‘banana’ arms make it easy to load at the centre of the trailer without touching the edge with the arms.

With the depressurised push-pull connectors you will never need hand tools to swap your attachments. The Case 321F compact wheel loader also has a front electrical socket for multi-functioning or special attachments.


The level 2 ROPS and FOPS cab comes as standard, and is designed to protect the operator in case the machine rolls over or an object falls on the roof. The large glazed area of the cab provides excellent all round visibility, with an adjustable suspension seat and wrists rests, the cab is a comfortable environment for the operator.

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