Case 590ST Backhoe Loader

Manufacturer: Case
Model: Case 590ST Backhoe Loader
Engine: FPT
Engine Power: 120hp
Loader Bucket Lift: 4610kg
Loader Breakout 6650kg
Dipper Max Lift @ Max Reach 1472kg
Dipper Force 3482kg

The Case 590ST Backhoe Loader comes from over 170 years of innovation. The range of Backhoe Loaders from CASE Construction are steeped in history. 1964 saw Case become the first manufacturer to develop an extending dipper, the patented Case Extendahoe. 1998 then saw Case be the first manufacturer to offer ride control on a backhoe loader, a year later Case were again first to offer a powershift transmission on a backhoe loader. Case have been, and continue to be, at the forefront of innovation in their range of backhoe loaders.


The Case 590ST is powered by a FPT 3.4 litre 120hp engine. The FPT engine featuring state of the art technology delivers a big performance in a small package with the lowest maintenance cost in the market. The Fiat Power Train produces over 600,000 industrial engines per year, and they are made to run on up to 20% biofuel blends, further reducing their environmental impact.

Oil and filter check points are easily accessible on the left side of the bonnet. The front opening provides the operator with a full view of the engine components. The anti-bumping frame surrounding the radiators prevents damage if the machine hits an obstacle, reducing maintenance costs due to cracks in the radiator.


The Case 580ST Backhoe Loader benefits from the exclusive outer extendahoe, all the components in contact with the soil are protected against impact and material accumulation. The boom dipper and swing cylinders have standard hydraulic end stroke cushioning to improve precision, prolong component life and ensure smooth operation.

The load sensing hydraulics on the Case 590ST Backhoe provide just the right amount of oil for each task, even when the engine is running at low RPM. This results in fuel savings of up to 14% compared to traditional gear pumps. Case is the only Backhoe Loader manufacturer offering closed hydraulic centre whatever the choice of pump. Close hydraulics enable simultaneous movements independent from work load and functions, and delivers power, better operator controllability and fast cycles.

We don’t like to waste time and fuel, and we know you don’t wither, so we reduced significantly the transport height with the overlapping cylinder geometry. The 590ST measures less than 3.5m in height.


The Case 590ST Backhoe Loader benefits from a fully adjustable suspension seat, additional lumbar adjustment and fully adjustable arm rests ensure a comfortable position throughout the entire working day.

The cab sits on insulating mountings, reducing vibration and noise levels to 77db. The rear screen is fully tiltable to provide an unobstructed view of the digging area, providing excellent visibility and ultimately increasing the safety of the machine.

The Case 590ST comes with a single control joystick for all the loader functions (raise/lower the loader, bucket tilt, proportional control of closing and opening the 4in1 bucket, floating bucket position, differential lock, cut of transmission switch and automatic return to dig position).


Auto ride control on the Case 590ST Backhoe Loader reduces loader arm bounce during travel, maintaining material retention on all surfaces, for higher travel speeds and reduced journey times. The system offers a choice of 3 settings to match customer preferences or different soil conditions.

The front axle on the 590ST offers 11 degrees of oscillation, to maintain traction on the toughest terrain, improve bucket retention and maintain high productivity.

Curved front loader arms improve truck loading while mechanical self-levelling assists the operator. Return to dig function significantly reduces operator comfort on repetitive loading operations and speeds up the whole cycle. Excellent from load visibility and the mechanical self-levelling feature makes loading and unloading pallets simple.

The Powershift transmission offers greater tractive effort and improved bucket fill, thanks to the kick-down button. 4 wheel drive and 100% rear axle differential lock provide all-weather traction in the toughest working conditions. Grading is further enhanced on the Case 590ST thanks to the float position on the control lever, flat bottomed bucket and precision tooth alignment with the bottom of the bucket.

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