Merlo P50.18 HM Telehandler

Make: Merlo
Model: P50.18 HM
Engine: FPT 170hp
Weight: 15750kg
Max Capacity: 5000kg
Lifting Height 17.9m
Max Reach 13m
Max Operating Height 12.9m
Max Operating Reach 3.8m
Capacity at Max Height 3000kg
Capacity at Max Reach 500kg

The Panoramic 50.18 HM was designed to work in the most demanding conditions where performance in terms of lifting capacity and engine power make all the difference.

What sets these machines apart is that we have managed to maintain compact dimensions, increasing manoeuvrability and versatility of use.

The new construction concept allows you to customise the model according to operational needs, consequently offering the widest construction range with tailor-made solutions for customers.

  • This Panoramic has a maximum capacity of 5000kg for a lifting height of 17.9 meters.
  • The HM models with 170 HP Tier IV engine, are combined with the Eco Power Drive TOP (EPD) electronic management that reduces the engine rpm where high power is not required.
  • CVTronic transmission is standard feature across the range: smooth and progressive acceleration 0-40 km/h without interruptions for a gear change and reduction in consumption, providing Merlo HM with even greater transmission than before.
  • The full MCDC (Merlo Dynamic Load Control) coupled with a large 10.1” colour display and attachment recognition, shows machine’s geometric configuration, boom extension, angle and handled load.
  • The Tilt Correction System, integrated into the chassis as standard, can correct the lateral inclination by 8% on each side, reaching 24% on sloping terrain operating in conditions of maximum safety.
  • The exclusive Boom Side Shift allows the load to be positioned without further manoeuvring, saving time and improving machine’s productivity: the system allows for a boom side-shift up to 880 mm.
  • The premium cab gives easy access, astounding space with great visibility: generous in dimensions, the cab is mounted on Silent Block, which drastically reduce vibrations, guaranteeing maximum comfort and visibility.
  • The P50.18 HM comes with standard Towing Hook, Roof Wiper, Lights on cab.
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