Safety is high on Ausa’s agenda

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Safety is high on Ausa’s agenda

Spanish manufacturer concentrates on the wellbeing of the operator and the area around the machine.

For Ausa, the Spanish-based manufacturer, safety is one of the key elements that it it seeking with its machines.

It said that after years of gradual progress in this direction, the industrial machinery sector was looking particularly at the safety of the operator and the area surrounding a machine.

Ausa said it was working hard to incorporate new safety elements and redesign the vehicle parts that are most commonly affected, with the aim of ensuring full operational integrity, and therefore allowing users to concentrate on their work and improve their productivity.

One of the main innovations that the company has introduced was the Full Visibility System. This is a safety system with two camera with infrared night-vision and eight proximity sensors.

It said it was technology taken directly from the automotive sector, whereby the TFT (thin film transistor) screen in the driving area provides the operator with total vision of their surroundings. This allows them to be constantly aware of what is in front and to the rear of the vehicle that is not in their direct field of vision.

This system is available for the whole range of dumpers with capacities of 2.5 tonnes.

Ausa has an R&D team of 30 people who work on the machine designs, with total focus on the safety of the operator and the surrounding area.

It said this was why the hoppers of the brand’s dumpers were designed to ensure high visibility from the operator’s position, and also highlighted the design of the counterweight, which it said gave the machine greater stability under full load and with a gradeability of up to 70%!

In the case of the telescopic handlers, Ausa said visibility was the key element of their design. It said work was carried out to advance the cab position as far forward as possible, providing the operator with 360° vision.

The telescopic arm was also installed in a side position, which Ausa said allowed a more spacious cab, but with the total width remaining compact.

Ausa said it was aiming at becoming the world leader in the market niches in which it competes.



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