Merlo R38.14 Roto Telehandler

Model: Merlo R38.14 Roto Telehandler
Maximum Load Capacity: 3800kg
Maximum Lift Height: 13.9m
Unladen Weight: 11600kg
Engine: Kubota

Merlo first launched the Roto Telehandler range with a rotating turret in 1991. There are a total of 14 models, giving Merlo the broadest range on the market. The Roto 400 series boast a 101hp Kubota engine.

The Merlo R38.14 Roto Telehandler has a maximum lift height of 13.9 metres, a maximum reach of 11 metres, and a maximum load capacity of 3800kg.

Merlo ROTO 400°

  • 4 cylinders, 3.8 litres, 74.5kW (101hp), 2,600rpm
  • Torque 390Nm at 1600rpm
  • Common-rail and direct injection
  • Electronic management
  • Equipped with DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst) catalytic converter and a particulate filter with active regeneration (DPF)


As standard, the entire Roto family comes with the patented Merlo system known as EPD  (Eco Power Drive), which automatically manages the hydrostatic transmission and the diesel engine with the EPD control unit, placed between the injection pump and the accelerator pedal. The operator sets the speed and the control unit manages the engine rpm to reach the pre-set speed, optimising the engine rpm. This makes it possible to save energy which results in a reduction in consumption. The driver refers to a potentiometer for manually setting the engine revs in relation to operating requirements.


The particulate filter (DPF) traps the particulate matter (PM) contained in exhaust gas in order to reduce fine particle pollutant emissions by diesel engines.

Two possible regeneration modes

  • Automatic
  • Manual


The Merlo cab is known for ease of access to the driver’s side and for its on board roominess. Measuring 1010 mm, it is the largest in the category and allows maximum comfort, even for more robust operators. The machine’s architecture, the low centre of gravity and the tapered hood ensure excellent visibility in every direction. The operator can visually follow the load to its maximum height, thanks to the transparent top. The cab is equipped with a powerful A/C and heating system, making it possible to maintain the ideal temperature of 22°, even when operating in extreme external temperatures. The door is fitted with an opening window for better natural ventilation. The controls are practical and reasonably arranged. A new analogue-digital instrument panel has been adopted to provide precise and punctual information.


Axles entirely designed and built by Merlo
There are two types of axles: with planetary gear units for 60.24 MCSS and 40.30 MCSS models portal axles for the rest of the Roto range.  Every axles has two dry brakes, designed to ensure maximum efficiency, reducing consumption.  Merlo also offers parking brakes as standard, which automatically engage when the diesel engine is turned off.

Electronic Active Suspension (EAS) for safe transport
To handle driving on rough terrain, Merlo has designed the EAS System, consisting of 4 hydraulic cylinders, a quadrilateral with longitudinal arms and an electronically managed hydropneumatic circuit. The system’s versatility allows the operator to manually set both lateral and longitudinal tilting as shown in the dedicated box.


Geometry of the machine and position of load

On a special screen, Merlin shows the position and displacement of the centre of gravity. The system monitors the machine’s stability and shows its geometric configuration (position of the load). The stabilisers can be positioned according to the surface available and the morphology of the ground.

Footprint of the stabilisers

The Merlin system adjusts the load chart based on the footprint of the stabilisers and verifies the machine’s stability automatically and in real time.

Maintenance and diagnostics

The third and fourth screens of the Merlin system are for monitoring, respectively: 

  • Routine maintenance 
  • System anomalies (diagnostics)

Work area programming

Allows you to program the work area and rotation angle of the turret to facilitate operations in repetitive jobs and increase operating safety, blocking movements outside the set area.

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