Merlo P27.6 Telehandler

Make: Merlo
Model: P27.6
Engine: Kubota 74hp
Weight: 4850kg
Max Capacity: 2700kg
Lifting Height 5.9m
Max Reach 3.3m
Max Operating Height 4.6m
Max Operating Reach 1.2m
Capacity at Max Height 1800kg
Capacity at Max Reach 1000kg

Merlo has developed a new high-performance compact telehandler. Compactness, lifting capacity, traction, comfort and high-level safety are the special features of the Merlo P27.6.

With a boom which extends to 6 meters in height for a lifted load of 2.7 tonnes, the Merlo P27.6 has the same modular cab as its big brothers, offering astounding space and visibility – unique in its category. With a top speed of 40km/h and the option of being registered as an or-road agricultural tractor, the Merlo P27.6 telehandler is unrivaled in its class, and is the undisputed leader on the market.

  • Maximum speed 40km/h: unique in its class.
  • Type-appoval as an on-road agricultural tractor (optional).
  • 5.9m Boom: superior to the front loaders in height, speed and productivity.
  • Hydrostatic transmission with continuous variation from 0 to 40km/h without torque interruption.
  • Two levels of torque and power.
  • Largest cab in its category: 1010mm.
  • Maximum visibility in every direction.


The Merlo P27.6 Telehandler has the same modular cab as its big brothers, offering astounding space and visiblity – unique in its category.

  • The cab is the largest in its category: 1,010mm of effective inside width and a window surface area measuring an amazing 4.3m for unrivaled visibility.
  • New modular cab as standard: pressurised (in confirmity with ISO 10263-3 standards).
  • The largest cab in its category: an advantage that also means that this model can be type-approved as an agricultural tractor.
  • Structure in line with ROPS and Level II FOPS international standards.
  • High visibility roof: being able to see the boom and load at all times is fundamental for safety at work.
  • Reverse shuttle at steering wheel command: intuitive function at the operator’s fingertips, improving maneuvering safety and agility while maintaining full control of the steering wheel.
  • New analogue/digital control panel:clear, reliable and convenient.
  • Door opens by 180 degrees with a separate small upper window: improved air circulation, visibility and direct contact with those working outside is guaranteed.

Engine & Transmission

At Merlo, our designers have adopted technologically-advanced diesel engines, evolved hydrostatic transmissions and axles equipped with dry disc brakes that help reduce power absorption. Electronic diesel engine / transmission management helps to optimise performance and minimise energy expenditure.

  • Two power levels and two torque levels.
  • Advanced transmission command: excellent breakaway from standstill, fluid progression, optimisation of cycle times and fuel consumption.
  • Engines comply with anti-pollution standards with DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst) an without DPF: streamlined maintenance and fewer worries for the operator.
  • New tapered bonnet: better visibility for improved safety.
  • Hydraulic gear pump: 94l/min at 210 bar with optional simultaneous control of all movements.
  • Maximum speed of 40km/h: the only model in its category which offers this, along with the option for type-approval as an agricultural tractor.


Merlo personally designs and produces most of the components that make up its telehandlers. The axles are an integral part of every design, and are conceived and sized for better integration with the main components of the machine.

  • Axles designed and integrated into the design: maximum performance and excellent versatility thanks to the two torque levels available.
  • Planetary reducers: low centre of gravity, maximum reliability and high traction.
  • Maximum steering angle.
  • Three steering modes: front wheels, coordinated turning and sideways crab for easy handling and efficiency while working.
  • Four-wheel drive is always engaged: maximum traction in all conditions.
  • Integral servo-braking: acts on all four wheels for maximum safety in all working environments.
  • Parking brake: activities when the engine is turned off or when the engine is on, from the cab.
  • Optional lock: for optimal disengagement on difficult terrain.


The Merlo designers have created a sturdy, compact and light telescopic boom which has become the industry standard for design, load capacity and speed in the execution of work.

The structural-type steel chosen for the boom is welded along the neutral bending axle, for a boom that stays straight regardless of extension and load conditions.

Components such as pipes and cables placed inside the boom, ensuring that the external bodywork remains clean and free from obstructions cause by these components.

The ZM2 equipment-holder carriage allows you to hook up any Merlo equipment. The hydraulic equipment locking is performed from the cab, while all hydraulic and electrical connections are quick-release.

  • Lightweight yet strong for higher effective loads.
  • Two section boom: maximum lifting height of 5.9 meters for matchless multi-function performance.
  • Protected hydraulic / electrical components.
  • ZM2 carraige: to ensure interchangeability with Merlo attachments already purchased by the operator, and for even better versatility.
  • Tac-Lock: replacement of tools from the driver’s seat for greater comfort and safety.
  • Hydraulic / electrical connections: power supply to equipment for maximum versatility.
  • Anti-overturn system: automatically prevents high-risk movements in full observance of the EN15000 standard.
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