Case CX18C Mini Excavator

Manufacturer: Case
Model: Case CX18C Mini Excavator
Engine: Mitsubishi L3E
Engine Power: 17hp
Weight: 1720kg (Canopy) 1890kg (Cab)
Track Width 230mm
Hydraulic Pump 2x17l/min

The new Case CX18C Mini Excavator is the smallest machine in the new CASE C Series lineup. Available as a canopy or with a cab, the CX18C benefits from a hydraulically retractable undercarriage and anti-theft device, the CX18C offers tested reliability with it’s Mitsubishi engine.

This Case mini digger also benefits from a superior hydraulic flow, +5% improvement on the B Series. The Case CX18C can also be fitted with an additional counterweight that further increases stability and lifting capacity. The CX18C features smooth pilot controls, ergonomically placed joysticks and adjustable wrist rests that make it easy and pleasant to operate.


Ergonomic Operator Station with Suspension Seat

  • The Case CX18C features smooth pilot controls, ergonomically placed joysticks and adjustable wrist rests that make it easy and pleasant to operate.
  • A suspension seat is standard on the CX18C

Modern and Functional Cluster

  • The digital cluster on the Case CX18C Mini Excavator is easy to read, confers a modern look to the operator station and provides useful information.
  • Gauges: fuel level and engine coolant temperature
  • Information and Warning Lamps: hydraulic QC lamp, travel speed, engine coolant temperature, engine oil pressure, battery charging, low fuel level

‘ESL’ Anti-Theft System

  • The Case CX18C Mini Excavator is equipped with a standard anti-theft device.
  • The Engine Start Limitation (ESL) requires a 5-digit code that can be set by the operator in 3 possible settings:
    • Always: ESL is engaged every time the machine is shut off.
    • Interval: ESL is engaged after a pre-defined interval of engine shut off.
    • Disabled: ESL is not active.


The Case CX18C Mini Excavator: No Compromise on Safety

ROPS / TOPS / FOPS The CX18C comply with Roll-Over, Tip-Over and Falling Objects Protective Structure requirements.

Pilot System with Accumulator This standard feature allows the operator to put the attachment down safely even with the engine turned off for greater safety.

Travel Alarm An acoustic alarm alerts the people near the machine when it moves forward or backwards. This feature is an optional extra on the Case CX18C.

2-Post Canopy Good visibility is essential to work safely. The CX18C canopy has a unique 2-post design that provides unobstructed front and side views.

Double-Flange Rollers De-tracking can be dangerous for the operator and people working closely. The Case CX18C Mini Excavator has a double-flange roller design that minimises the risk of de-tracking.


World Class Components The Case CX18C Mini Excavator is designed for reliability, components are sourced from the best suppliers on the market and assembled in CASE’s Excavator Hub, a World Class Manufacturing production plant. The result: simply highly reliable machines.

Boom and Arm Reinforced Mounting Pin The pivot pin that holds boom and arm together is a critical point on any excavator. On the Case CX18C the pin is secured from both sides minimised the risk of play between the boom and arm.

Protected Travel Motor Hoses Travel motor hoses are well protected inside the track frame.

Protected Cylinders Boom, arm and blade cylinders are well protected with a steel cover.


Grouped service points under the hood. The Case CX18C Mini Excavator is designed for serviceability:

  • Rationalised service points layout.
  • Convenient check points on the left side of the excavator.
  • Easy to remove side panels for full maintenance and repair access.
  • Two piece blade hydraulic hoses on the CX18C
  • Extended life of components
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